While the Rules Committee finishes up all the updates to the 2017 ABC Rulebook, I thought we should talk about the Worlds Participation Rule.  A couple years ago, the ABC Board passed a rule about participating in the U.S. Nationals in order to participate in the World Championships.  There was some confusion about what “participation” means.  It has now been clarified (see  below, in BOLD.)

Basically, life happens and we understand people can’t attend every tournament, all the time. BUT you can support our sport from afar!  Thanks Paul Stokes for asking for the clarification.

USA 220 World Participation Rule
Individuals must participate in all US Barefoot Nationals (“Nationals”) in the 18 months prior to the World Championships to be eligible to participate in the World Championship. An exception maybe granted by ABC Board of Directors, for death of immediate family, pregnancy or injury. The ABC Board may grant exemptions for any appropriate reason with a 2/3 majority (8 votes). Although individuals should compete at Nationals whenever possible, an individual may “participate” in a Nationals without being present or competing. Any individual who is not able to be present or compete at Nationals should make arrangements with the ABC Board of Directors to participate in some other manner.

We don’t want people to feel forced to do anything… we want people to WANT to be part of the fun and help the Nationals Local Organizing Committee. Contact Lauren St. Onge if you want to participate in this year’s Nationals! -Betsy


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