American Barefoot Club members and members to be, we have officially brought back the badge system to the USA!

To officially become a barefooter in the American Barefoot Club, you must ski on your feet longline in front of an examiner for 15 seconds. A designated examiner will award you with your first “barefooter” patch for you to sew on your gear bag, wetsuit or jacket!  There is also a window decal version for your truck or boat!
Once you have the barefooter badge, you are eligible to try to earn any of the other patches for a $5 donation to the ABC. All tricks must be performed longline on your feet unless otherwise noted. Try to collect them all!

Check out the table below  to find an examiner near you and good luck!

If you wish to become an examiner, you must first become a Level 4 or higher ABC judge. Contact Landen Ehlers ([email protected]) for more info on the ABC Badges.

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