Barefooters get hot at December Free-for-all!

While most people were winterizing boats and tucking them away for winter hibernation, footers in Florida were out on the water and making the most of the extended season. On December 9th, in light of another World Championship’s approaching on the calendar, and after successfully hosting the 40th U.S. Barefoot Nationals on Lake Grew, Polk […]

Happy 90th Birthday Jim Boyette!

Jim Boyette stands alone in the world of barefoot waterskiing. He is the oldest and the most reliable barefooter we know. And today, our Jim Boyette turns 90 years old If you’re a barefooter, take a run for Jim today.  If you’re not, take a moment to remember the quiet giant of our little sport. […]

Going Outside Your Comfort

So in the recent weeks we have had lots of “discussion” on supporting our sport.  People are saying this person is not supporting this group well enough and so on and so forth.  We are all footers and need to support one each other.  I have been known to do some figure 8’s from footstock, […]