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Karin  2:49 am (June 16, 2018)
Thanks so much to all that voted for me and to the other contestants “your photos were all better than mine. It’s just who you know and if they’re willing to take a minute and vote. I have a lot of good friends and so do my children. Again Thank You 👣 Karin
Karin  3:13 am (June 22, 2018)
I still have not been contacted from - was this a real contest or what?? How do I get in touch with someone??
Brent  9:43 pm (July 14, 2018)
Karin, sorry for the delay.
Magnus  2:00 pm (September 21, 2018)
Hi Karin, the same goes for the coldweathercontest - no follow up or contact from I've contacted them several times but get no response. The idea of contests are fun, but if you don't get the proper response it's not worth the effort and the site will go silent. /Magnus
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