So in the recent weeks we have had lots of “discussion” on supporting our sport.  People are saying this person is not supporting this group well enough and so on and so forth.  We are all footers and need to support one each other.  I have been known to do some figure 8’s from footstock, Lake St. Louis, and many more.  I go to these knowing I am not use to going much longer than 30 seconds at a time and on anything but glass water with no other boats.  

I go to the events to support other footers.  Yes I know that I am not going to be competitive, but I want to support them and their love for this other end of the sport.  The several hundred dollars I spend between entry fee, food, lodging, and lost training time is well worth it.  Now, I have not seen them support our end of the sport as much either.  I can not speak for them, but they have very limited participation in the other discipline of barefooting.  That being said I will be posting a video here in the next week or so about a going outside your comfort.  I will start by getting pulled by a local show skier here in the St. Louis area on an endurance run.  This is anything but comfortable for me.  I will go till I fall at least once if not more.

The challenge rules will be described in the video and on the post.  I will be doing something not comfortable for me and will expecting those who participate to go through it as well.  On top of this I am going to give you some incentive to do it.  I will be giving away some prizes to those who participate in the event.  That’s right free stuff to the winners.  You will not have to pay in order to win just follow the rules.  Right now i have $100.00 worth of free stuff I will be giving away you just will need to do something you are not comfortable just as I will be.  

Ski you soon and watch out for the video on facebook page.

Eric Friedle


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